Policies Pertaining to COVID-19

Because the health of each of our patients is important, as well as that of our team, we ask that you respect the distancing rules recommended by health officials. When visiting the Clinic, keep your mask on at all times, use the hydroalcoholic gel made avail-able to you, and respect distancing rules. The secretaries may ask you to change your mask and wait in a designated area of the Clinic to help limit the risk of spreading the disease.

Designated Assessment Clinics (DACs) are closing as of Sep-tember 2021. It will now be possible to test for flu-like symptoms at the Clinic. Please ensure to inform staff members of your symptoms for proper management.

• Do you have a fever (over 38 degrees Celsius), cough, or difficulty breathing?
• Have you experienced a loss of smell?
• Do you suffer from flu symptoms (headache, muscle pain, fatigue, etc.)?
• Do you suffer from an earache or sore throat?
• Are you experiencing abdominal pain or diarrhea?
• Have you been in contact with a confirmed or possible case of COVID-19?

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